We use the word landscape metaphorically to illustrate a vast array of choices: “there’s a landscape of flavors,” “the whole sports landscape,” etc. Yet, for many people, all that comes to mind is a lawn when we talk about literal landscaping. Yet a landscape of landscaping choices goes into each person’s yard.

Landscaping is all about tasks and choices, living structures coming face to face with manufactured, growing, and cutting back. You could get overwhelmed with all the landscape decisions you can make with your yard.

So today, Year Round Services breaks down the top 7 tasks that land under landscaping.

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together: Landscape Design

When you were a kid, did you take one of those tests that gave you a series of tasks that ended with “disregard steps 2 through 7” or something like that after you’d already done them? The lesson was always to read the FULL instructions before beginning work. Similarly, it would help if you always had a plan before beginning any complex work.

In landscaping, this means landscape design. So, before we work on your yard, we’ll want to discuss your plan, not just for the current project but for any projects you have in mind for the near future.

Why? You don’t want to do something today that will adversely affect something more important to you tomorrow.

For example, say you want to add a tree to your yard. If we plant it and then find out later, you also need to install a flower bed nearby; it may be too late to tell you that that tree will create too much shade for the flowers you wanted to add to flourish.

So we plan. And then we design.

But design is not just about planning for problems! Design is about creation and balance. When we design your landscape, we take into account colors, textures, height, favorite plants, and how everything will go together both individually and as a whole.

I Need Mow A-Lawn-ance

Ok, so we started by saying landscaping isn’t just about mowing…but it is partly about mowing. On most properties, grass takes up more square footage than any other type of plant. Your lawn is the foundation the rest of your landscape is built upon, literally and figuratively.

Keeping your lawn lush, green, and adequately groomed is a regular and significant landscape task, especially in LA, where the mowing season is Year Round (see what we did there?). The height requirement of your lawn will depend on the species of grasses that make it up. Cut too short, and you can kill your grass, but leave it too long, and it looks shabby.

No worries. Year Round knows how to keep your lawn healthy and appealing, regardless of species or weather conditions.

Get Your Bed Examined (Flower Bed Design & Maintenance)

colorful flowerbeds img - Year Round Services

Flower beds are some of the most rewarding aspects of yards. Flowers bring beauty, fragrance, and even different textures to our properties. And with all the different varieties of flowers, there is no shortage of diversity!

If you like low-maintenance flowers, you can add in perennials to know how your yard will look every year. If you crave variety, then annuals are the way to go. You can change them out to form a new garden each season.

Flowers are some of the easiest plants to change in a landscape, so nothing is holding you back from having a rotating cast. However, whether you stick with your favorites or find new ones every year, your flower beds need maintenance to look their best. Year Round will make sure to keep your beds weeded and boundaries clear, along with removing any dead plants or parts of flowers.

Take the Edge Off On

Keeping your flowerbeds lovely and your lawn pristine ensures a clear line between the two. Edging is a regular maintenance task necessary for even the simplest of landscapes.

Whether you edge with a simple line on the ground or concrete curbing, your edges must stay visible.

That Mulch Really Brought the Yard Together

Mulch makes everything better. You know it, I know it, we all know it. Mulch is helpful around gardens, trees, and shrubs.

Mulch acts as a weed barrier and insulator for all your plants. It also improves the look wherever you put it. Because of the many textures and mulch colors available, it’s easy to find one that will be perfect for your garden and property.

Organic mulch breaks down and feeds your garden, giving it a more natural look. Plastic, rubber, or polished glass mulches come in just about every shape and color you can want and never break down, creating a more permanent barrier. Stone mulch splits the difference with a more natural look that sticks around longer than the plants it surrounds.

Hardscaping With A Vengeance

You can do something unique to your yard with concrete manufactured elements. Poured concrete and stones and bricks are a great way to create permanent landscaping fixtures that frame and accentuate your yard while also serving a practical purpose.

Patios and Firepits

Stones and fire – elements of human gathering so perfect we’ve barely improved on them in thousands of years. Patios are a nice gathering spot for us modern folks to revamp the ritual our ancestors started so long ago.

Your patio can be a simple spot to sit and roast marshmallows around the firepit or an elegant area complete with an outdoor kitchen and built-in seating. You can adjust your patio
style down the color of the concrete.

backyard patio img - Year Round Services

Walkways to Remember

Walkways move your guests from one foot-traffic-friendly yard location to another. They also keep their eyes on the spots of your yard where you have the most pride.

Keep feet off the lawn while teaching everyone to “walk this way.”


Your yard landscaping probably includes some combination of some or all of these tasks, along with a few that are unique to you. Whatever your particular property needs, Year Round Services is the team you can trust to meet them.