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As the capital city of Louisiana and the second largest city in the state, our population is diverse and vibrant. A haven for immigrants from many countries and religious backgrounds, it’s hard not to find something you’ll like in the rainbow of Baton Rouge.

A popular settlement spot since before written history, Baton Rouge was under the control of the French, British, Spanish, and Confederate American troops, as well as what was once known as the Republic of West Florida! Our popularity came from our fertile land and our strategic placement as a port. After the civil war, Baton Rouge was the seat of southern reconstruction.

Today, we remain a major cultural and economic center with a significant corporate presence that includes Amazon, ExxonMobil, BBQ Guys, Lamar Advertising, Raisin Cane, and many more!

What Can Year Round Services Do For Your Baton Rouge Yard?


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Landscaping is a broad term, and our services for it our equally expansive. Whether you need help with the design and installation of a new flower bed or tree, or you have an established yard that you want to keep in good condition with proper, regular maintenance, Year Round Services has the experience and expertise to care for your Baton Rouge property.

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Many of your favorite areas of your yard aren’t the verdant ones but the places where you spend the most time; your hardscape surfaces. Patios, walking paths, and other outdoor living spaces or hardscape surfaces are the heart of your yard and typically where you do the most entertaining. Year Round Services loves to help you design and create the perfect hardscapes to suit your yard and lifestyle.

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Lawn Services

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Your lawn likely takes up a lot of your property’s real estate. With all the space your grass covers, caring for it is paramount to a healthy, beautiful property. We provide all your lawn’s basic needs like mowing, edging, trimming, and blowout. We also help you with the seasonal care your lawn requires to move it from basic to beautiful.

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Lawn Drainage
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Poor drainage is one of the most destructive forces on a yard. But, of course, no one in our area needs to be told about the destructive power of water! Even standing water will wear away your lawn, create mold, and ruin all the hard work you’ve put into your landscape. Luckily, Year Round Services offers drainage solutions that fix all your draining issues. Sometimes a simple drain is all it takes to improve your yard.

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Landscape Lighting

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If you can’t see your yard at night, you are missing out on half of its usability and visibility and making it a more dangerous place. Landscape lighting makes walking on your property safer for you, your family, and your guests while also making your property a less attractive target to anyone who means it harm.

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Yard Cleanups
Yard Cleanups - Year Round Services

Plants are like kids and dogs. They’re fun, but you have to clean up after them. Your trees, flowers, and other plants are constantly going through growth cycles that include blooming and shedding. Add bad weather that causes leaves and branches to break, and a mess accumulates quickly. Not only is a messy yard unattractive, but it’s also unhealthy for the living plants within it. Yard cleanup keeps them healthy.

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For High-quality yard cleanups, landscape lighting, landscapes, hardscape, lawn service, and lawn drainage for your Baton Rouge property, call Year Round Services!

At Year Round, the only thing we care more about than the properties we work on is the clients who own them. We value your time and our relationship with you.

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