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Just across the lake from New Orleans and connected by a swing bridge to Madisonville, you’ll find the city of Mandeville. Home to 11,560 citizens and a whole lot of water, the city is a fine place to live and a lovely spot to landscape your yard!

Bernard Xavier de Marigny de Mandeville founded the city in 1834 and named it after his hometown in Normandy. The name means “big farm,” and it had indeed been agricultural land before its founding.

Shortly, Mandeville became a summer vacationing spot for wealthy New Orleans families, and within a few decades, a steamboat route connected the two cities. By the 1920s, it was a popular spot for dance halls, and a rocker you may have heard of by the name of Little Richard got his start in one such club. Today Mandeville is known for our quality of life and excellent use of technology.

What Services Does Year Round Services Offer Mandeville?


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Everything starts somewhere. Your landscape begins with planting a seed or a plant. Next, we plant flowers, install sod, and provide everything you need for a beautiful garden. Of course, there’s more to planting than digging a hole and putting something in the ground. We prepare the land and ensure your plants have what they need to thrive.

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Yard Cleanups
Yard Cleanups - Year Round Services

They need a clear path for sunlight, water, and nutrients to get to your lawn and other plants. That’s why yard cleanups are so vital to the health of your landscape.
Removing plant debris allows living plants to get what they need. It also prevents mold, lawn disease, and ice in winter. Plus, let’s face it – a cleaned-up yard looks better!

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Your yard’s hardscapes can be as unique as yours and your home. We have numerous materials at your disposal that we can use to craft the hardscape of your dreams.

Whether stone or concrete, hardscapes are versatile building materials for patios, walkways, curbing, and more. And we don’t just install hardscapes. We design them too.

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Lawn Services
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The item in your yard that needs the most frequent maintenance is your lawn. And your lawn is likely also the part of your landscape that takes up the most space.

That’s why Year Round Services offers lawn services for all your regular maintenance needs. In addition, we can install sod on your property where you have a lack of grass or need it replaced.

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Landscape Lighting
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You’re missing out if you can only see your yard during daylight. Landscape lighting provides opportunities to highlight parts of your property that are less prominent during the day and also gives additional benefits.

When you have landscape lighting, you can extend your outdoor entertaining into the evening. In addition, it allows people to see one another and where they step – a significant safety concern. Finally, landscape lighting also helps prevent theft and other property crimes.

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Lawn Drainage

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In the often wet conditions of Louisiana, too much water can sometimes be a problem. That’s especially true if your lawn is not graded or draining correctly.

Signs of poor drainage can include standing water, erosion, and plant loss. Over time, it can lead to property damage and human health problems. Year Round Services offers drainage solutions, including grading and installing drains on your property.

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Customer service is as important as work quality, so at Year Round Services, we prioritize both.

Year Round Services provides top-quality customer service for our hardscapes, planting, landscape lighting, lawn drainage, yard cleanups & lawn services clients in Mandeville.

We know every aspect of landscaping work, but we don’t just treat the land right. We treat our customers right too.

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