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Just outside New Orleans is Ponchatoula, known for the second largest festival in Louisiana – the Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival. We’re also known as America’s antique city because of our numerous antique shops. And while we’re proud of this designation, this city is also full of gorgeous natural beauty and innumerable opportunities for excellent landscaping.

Established in 1820 as a small fishing village, Ponchatoula is thought to be named after a Choctaw Indian word meaning “hair to hang,” which refers to the prevalent Spanish Moss. It first grew with the timber industry in the 1840s. However, over time the primary industry changed to farming (especially strawberries) and tourism.

What Services Do Year Round Services Offer Ponchatoula?

Lawn Services
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The most significant chunk of your landscape is most likely filled with grass. Lawns are ubiquitous in the American home, and Ponchatoula is no exception. And that piece of your property takes a lot of maintenance – not just mowing. Year Round mows, edges, trims and blows out your lawn. That extra detail determines the difference between a nice lawn and a beautiful one.

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Your yard is more than your lawn. It’s full of living and abiotic elements that work together to create a complete whole. For the flowers and other plants, you can count on Year Round Services to design, install, and maintain them. Flowers take some work beyond putting them in the ground, but the interest and variety they provide your yard are well worth the effort.

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One aspect of your yard that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance is your hardscaping. Patios, walkways, and other paved and stone elements can weave in and out of your gardens and trees, framing them and helping to draw eyes to the focal points. In addition, we can design your hardscapes to fit your home’s aesthetic, whether rustic, modern, or something in between.

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Lawn Drainage
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You can get weekly lawn maintenance and do everything right, but if there’s one thing that can undo all your work is poor drainage. Too much water is as bad as too little. And over time, standing water can kill grass, cause damage to your home’s structures and even negatively impact your health. However, year Round knows the lay of the land and can provide the drainage solutions you need.

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Yard Cleanups
Yard Cleanups - Year Round Services

Part of maintaining your landscape is keeping it neat and clean. Yard cleanups help to make your yard shine and create instant curb appeal. But they’re not only important to your home’s aesthetic.

Yard cleanups also improve the health of your lawn and other plants. When plant debris collects on your property, it blocks plants from getting the water, sunlight, and other resources they need and can also lead to mold fungus and plant diseases.

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Landscape Lighting
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Let there be light! Why? Landscape lighting extends the usability of your yard beyond the sunset.

Of course, when you’re entertaining, you want to choose when the party ends! But landscape lighting also improves the safety of your home.
Lighting can help prevent accidents when walking around your yard, preventing liability. In addition, lighting up your home has been proven to reduce the risk of property loss or damage from criminal activity.

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As important as our quality of work is, what’s equally important is how we treat our customers. Honesty is our top priority.

Year Round Services provides top-quality lawn services, planting, hardscapes, yard cleanups & other landscaping services in Ponchatoula.
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