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What is included in our landscape lighting services?

  • ZWe will educate and guide you on the maintenance and repairs needed over time to your new lighting fixtures.
  • ZThe installation will be done on time and in areas that will be better for you in the long run.
  • ZWe can match fixtures to your style and what hardscaping surfaces you already have installed in your landscape.
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Why choose Year Round for your landscape endeavors?

We separate ourselves from the competition by staying true to our core values:

  • Your landscape should be the picture of beauty, and all our work keeps that beauty growing!
  • We provide the ultimate attention to detail, so everything gets the same level of care it needs.
  • Our level of professionalism cannot be beaten, and we guarantee you’ll be more than satisfied with what we offer.
  • Quality is more than a word to us, it’s incredibly important to us, and our results are long-lasting and easy to see.
  • You’ll receive clear communication from us so we can fully understand your needs and concerns.

What are the top benefits of having this service done?

Safer from potential intruders at night
No one likes the idea of the possibility of someone invading their space and trespassing on their lawn. But, unfortunately, that’s a real possibility that you can be prepared to handle by lighting your space.

Extra lighting on your property will help deter people from sneaking onto it because it becomes easier to see them. In turn, you’ll have peace of mind you didn’t have before!

You can highlight your favorite areas of your lawn
If you’re happy with how certain parts of your landscape look in the sunlight and underneath the stars, you’ll want to show it off. Uplighting and spotlights are great ways to show your pride in your lawn.

New landscape lighting is the perfect way to light up your lawn and admire those special areas you’re proud of. There are so many different types to choose from; you’ll have many possibilities for a lawn look!

Your guests will be safer at nighttime gatherings
Nobody wants to feel unsafe at another person’s house, especially at night when it’s harder to see where you’re going. So trips and falls should be the last thing on your mind when you’re out having fun.

Landscape lighting makes everyone feel a little better because you can see where you’re walking and won’t be concerned about safety. If you enjoy entertaining at home, this is the option for you!

What other quality services tie into this service and help it be more successful?

Anything you do to your landscape can affect how it functions and grows; these are a few of the top ones on that list!

Every service we provide is geared towards making your landscape healthier and prettier. These services are always best when completed together, making a big difference on your lawn!

  • Landscape Design - When considering redoing your landscape, designing everything ahead of time can make a big difference and help you picture how everything will look.
  • Hardscaping - you can break up the greenery with beautiful hardscaping that can simultaneously catch your eye and be functional for your needs.
  • Landscaping - your lawn needs all the care and attention you can give to keep it healthy. New or improved landscaping increases your home’s curb appeal and makes growth much easier!
Year Round Services offers endless, top-Quality landscape lighting services in Hammond, Ponchatoula, and Mandeville, Louisiana! You’ll never be disappointed in our work, and we’re always happy to help you with whatever your landscape needs!

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