Wonderful Retaining Walls in Hammond, Ponchatoula, and Covington, LA.

What is included in our retaining walls services?

Your fire pit’s lit, your glass of wine is poured – now, where do you sit down to relax and enjoy them? A retaining wall is such a versatile design for almost any landscape. It can serve to seat you and your family and keep soil where it needs to be, and eliminate runoff.


Why should Year Round be your first choice for a retaining wall?

Year Round builds our relationships with our customers by:

  • Insisting our team provide only top quality work and customer experience.
  • Creating clear lines of communication with each customer.
  • Embracing every customer’s individual visions and partnering to bring them to life.


What are the benefits of a retaining wall?

The headliner – stop erosion.

Erosion is a monumental challenge to homeowners everywhere. The grade of your property can sometimes not be controlled and provides the perfect recipe for disaster. Your home could be at risk of severe damage if erosion and runoff are left unchecked. Retaining walls put a stop to erosion like champs.


A hero to drainage systems everywhere.

When you notice puddles popping up all over your yard, the water that collects having nowhere to go because your drainage isn’t designed to handle it, it may be time for a retaining wall. These walls act as stoppers to help a drainage system perform better – and they look fantastic, too!


Tell me more – what else is great about retaining walls?

Add the perfect touch to your outdoor living space.

Outdoor living spaces are becoming a necessity for your landscaping. They provide additional square footage for your home and a fun and wonderful way to entertain. Retaining walls are workhorses that keep your landscape free from erosion – and they pull double duty by offering you and your guests some awesome seating for that gathering around the fire pit. In addition, retaining walls can be made of multiple materials, offering you great choices in aesthetics.


Rocket your property value.

Property value has become the hottest topic in homeownership today. The internet is constantly being searched on how to increase your property value without breaking the bank. The solution that is the most up-and-coming is to upgrade your landscaping. Adding outdoor living spaces and kitchens, fire pits, and retaining walls help raise your property value by more than 10% – all without costly renovations to your home’s structure.
Year Round is excited to offer your home a significant upgrade with wonderful retaining walls in the communities of Hammond, Ponchatoula, and Covington, LA. We are committed to reliable, honest, and excellent service!

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