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What Is Included in Our Yard Cleanups?

When you hear yard cleanups, you might think of leaf collection. But depending on the season, your yard cleanup can include much more.

  • ZLeaf & Plant Debris Collection - Fall is when people think about leaf collection, but your plants are shedding debris all year. That includes leaves, branches, twigs, and more. We do the detailed work to locate and collect it all.
  • ZRemoval Of Dead Plants - Plants are in a constant state of death and rebirth. Each season, plants blossom, and then those blossoms are spent. In addition, some plants only last a season. We collect these plants so your landscape only has fresh living plants.
  • ZReapplying Mulch - Mulch breaks down. We only think about mulching in the spring, but you need mulch all year. We check your mulch level and reapply where necessary.
Yard Cleanups - Year Round Services

Why Hire Year Round Services

There are many landscaping companies for you to choose from. Here’s what makes Year Round Services your best choice for yard cleanups and other landscaping services.

  • Honesty - Honesty is one of our top priorities. We are always straight with our customers and provide a free estimate before starting any job.
  • Quality - One look at one of the homes we service will show you what makes Year Round Services a team you can trust.
  • Customer Service - We don't just do the work well. We treat our customers well while doing it.
  • Promptness - We know your landscape is essential to you, so we strive to respond promptly to all inquiries.
  • Functionality - We don't just make your yard look better. We make it work better so it stays healthier longer.

Why Bother With Yard Cleanups?

Aesthetic Value
Let’s face it: Your home looks better with yard cleanups. You can spend all the time and money you like designing your space and installing the perfect plants for your home, but if they’re covered up by plant debris, no one will notice them. So cleaning up your yard is an essential aspect of your landscaping routine.
Plant Health
Plant debris on top of your lawn and other plants limits their ability to get sunlight, water, and nutrients. That makes it more difficult for their survival.

In addition, debris can trap moisture beneath it, putting your lawn at risk for mold, fungus, and other plant diseases. In cold weather, it can also create excess ice.

Make Room For New Life
There’s no room for new life when your yard is full of dead plants! Dead annuals get in the way of live flowers and detract from their beauty. You may think you need more room for new plants because all the old ones take up all the space.

How Else Can Year-Round Services Improve Your Yard?

We Are a Full Service Landscaping Company

Year Round Services is a quality landscaping company that takes excellent care of our customers. We can fulfill nearly any landscape need. Here are a few of our other services:

  • Landscape Design and Install - It all starts with a plan! Year Round Services can do everything for you, from the initial design to installing your chosen plants to maintenance.
  • Lawn Maintenance - Your lawn takes up much of your property's real estate. Your lawn's often the first thing people notice and needs regular maintenance. We make your lawn beautiful and healthy with regular mowing, edging, and more.
  • Drainage - If there's one thing that can throw a wrench in your landscaping plan, it's poor drainage. Since flooding can be a significant issue in our service area, we include drainage solutions as one of our many landscaping services.
Year Round Services provides yard cleanups & other landscaping services in Hammond, Covington, and Springfield to bring your whole landscape together.

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